Idawg Clothing - Customer Success Story

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Business Story & Description

Idawg offers fashionable, hip clothing for BIG dogs. Joanie, founder of Idawg Clothing, explains how it all started – “The concept for Idawg began in 2003 with the arrival of Ginger to my life. Ginger is a Red Nose American Pitbull Terrier. As you may know, Pitbulls have very short hair despite their often muscular, stalky physique. Ginger would break my heart when she trembled in 45 degree weather! I searched for clothing to protect Ginger and all I could find was a bright yellow and black fleece jacket. People would laugh when they saw us because this big, serious- looking dog was wearing a bright yellow coat! I began to realize there were many other dog owners like myself who adore their big dog and want them to stay warm while wearing fashionable clothing that suited their "bigger" personality."

In 2003, Joanie decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. After a year of obstacles and continued dedication, she was able to bring Idawg Clothing to market and to other frustrated big dog owners. Idawg has made big dog clothing fashionable and sporty. Idawg promises high quality fabrics and detailed fabrication to offer the ultimate sporty, comfortable fit for the dog through the rain and cold. Idawg fits upto Great Dane!

Currently based in Seattle - Washington, IDawg sells through their online store along with over 70 retailers across the US, Europe, Australia and Japan.


Bussiness: Pet Fashion & Accessories

Industry: E-Commerce, Wholesale

Locations: Seattle, WA

Having two separate web stores, one for retail and one for wholesale, allows our wholesale customers to log in and place orders. This frees up time we used to spend taking orders to focus on marketing activities and growing our business. Joanie Dhillon, CEO, Idawg Clothing
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  • Challenges
  • Solution & Results
  • Highlighted Capabilities
  • Business Process Flow
  • Testimonial

    After integrating Agiliron’s back office suite into our business, it has taken our company to a more competitive level within our industry. Prior to the integration, we had a very primitive inventory management system. We did not keep accurate real-time inventory and were often surprised to know we were running low in a particular SKU. We now know exactly where our inventory levels are at any given moment. This has enabled us to plan more efficiently and not have to disappoint customers who thought we had a particular style/size in stock.

    Having two separate web stores, one for our retail customers and one for our wholesale business, allows our wholesale customers to log in to our WS site and place orders without having to email or call us. This frees up time we used to spend taking orders to focus on marketing activities and growing our business. With a wholesale web store, we don’t have to keep an updated online catalog. This used to be time consuming for us to regularly update with new product info/sizing availabilities.

    Another improvement in operational efficiency has been not having to update our website via html. Prior to using Agiliron’s back office suite, we had a very inflexible website. Whenever we needed to add or delete a product/size from our site, we had to literally go into the html code and change it there. This process, as one can imagine, was very inefficient and time consuming and did not happen in real time. We can now add and delete SKU’s and update copy with little effort greatly improving our efficiency.

    We highly recommend using Agiliron’s back office suite to any company needing to integrate the various aspects of its business to improve operational efficiency and increase gross sales. We take comfort in knowing that the talented staff will answer our questions and concerns in a timely manner and guide us through resolving any issues that may arise along the way. We could not be more satisfied with the conversion process to the new system and the great customer service we receive.

  • Challenges

    Seamless integration of sales through Retail and Wholesale (B2B) WebStores, Catalog & Direct Sales - Sales through these various channels requires visibility - with manual processes and Excel spreadsheets, it was very inefficient to take and process orders and have visibility into the state of the business at any point in time.

    Inventory Management and Control across Multiple Sales Channels – given the sales through various channels, complete and dynamic control over product catalog and inventory is critical to be able to take and fulfill orders. Since there are sales through retail and wholesale channels, products are updated often.

    Promotions are a critical tool for driving sales especially as seasons change and new lines are introduced – tools like Specials, Discount Coupons, Flexible Shipping Tables for multiple geographic zones are key elements to move product; ability to manage this dynamically was a challenge

    Lack of Access to Business Data - desktop applications and spreadsheets meant that information was siloed and provided limited visibility to various aspects of the business.

  • Solution & Results

    Edition, Modules, Users & Roles
    • Edition: Premier Edition
    • Modules: B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, CRM, Accounting, Order Management
    • Users: Founder, Sales, Fulfillment
    Migration of Existing Solutions
    • Migration of existing GoDaddy Website and shopping cart
    • Import of product, styles and inventory information from existing catalogs
    • QuickBooks
    Challenges Addressed & Results
    • All Sales Channels Integrated
      • B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, Direct Sales
      • Auto-inventory management and synchronization across all channels
      • Centralized Order Management across all channels
      • Centralized Order Fulfillment for all channels
    • Matrix Item based Inventory & SKU Pricing Management across Channels
      • Organized by Size, Style & Color
      • Real-time access to stock & price book data
      • Regular management of Promotions (Specials, Discount Coupons)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Single customer database of customers from all channels
      • Filters for email marketing
    Impact on Business
    • Single Integrated Solution for managing all the Sales, Back-office and Front-office functions.
    • Total visibility into business from anywhere
    Adoption & Deployment Timelines
    • December 2008 - entire store design, migration and deployment completed in one month
  • Highlighted Capabilities

    • Product:
      • Premier Edition
    • Multiple Sales Channels:
      • Retail WebStore: E-Commerce
      • Wholesale (B2B) Webstore: Retailers
      • Direct Sales: Phone/Fax Orders
    • Inventory:
      • Matrix Item Products: Tracked by Size, Style, Color
    • QuickBooks Integration
  • Business Process Flow

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