• Retail order management made simple. Agiliron's interface makes selling products and managing orders a no-sweat task. Also, this multi-channel order management system automates most of the repetitive order processes like generating purchase orders from sales orders, order fulfillment, shipping orders, and more.

    Benefits of Using the Agiliron Order Management System

    • Simplify complex order processes
    • Reduce loss-making and time-killing manual errors
    • Streamline warehouse operations
    • Improved and more efficient customer service
    • From order processing to fulfillment, gain more transparency at every level

    order management

    Why customers love Agiliron Order Management

    • Quickly Generate Sales Orders: Sales orders are generated automatically from all your channels or create sales orders from wholesale requests
    • Automated Purchase Orders Generation: Purchase Orders can be created automatically from the Customer Sales Orders and also you can automatically generate Purchase Orders for vendors based on the reorder levels and preferred stock level
    • Streamlined Order Fulfillment: Order fulfillment that facilitates the picking, packing, and shipping processes are all streamlined, resulting in reduced errors and saving hundreds of hours
    • Centralized Platform: Effortlessly manage your bulk orders from multiple sales channels, ensure 100% trackability of inventory, auto sync inventory, keep an eye on stock levels, from this single platform, you can perform all end-to-end operations
    • Single Database of Products: Upload the pictures, inventory, and descriptions only once which is more straightforward and easy to manage
    • Integration with Leading eCommerce platforms: Sales orders from all your sales channels, including marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, are seamlessly managed in one central system
    • Detailed Sales Reports: Get insightful and actionable sales reports anytime you want
    • Split Order as per your Need: The newly added feature, Split order allows to break a sales order into multiple orders
    • Set-up Recurring Sales Order: Mark a sales order as recurring, specify the frequency, and get automated sales order generated at regular intervals, as per the schedule you set
    • Import Purchase Orders: This feature allows the import of purchase orders into Agiliron using an excel template
    • Backorder Management Process: If a sales order cannot be fulfilled (shipped) completely because some of the products are not in stock, the order can be partially fulfilled (ship the products in stock now and ship the remaining as they become available in inventory) through the Backorder Management process
    • Perform Bulk Actions: Avoid repetitive tasks with bulk actions like bulk editing of sales orders and purchase orders, bulk printing of purchase orders and sales receipts, bulk products image upload, and bulk inventory transfer

    order management

    order management

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