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Business Story & Description

Suburban Riot is a Los Angeles-based apparel company that specializes in progressive lifestyle apparel products for men and women - products that combine art and bold styling with high-end basics; without a hyper-inflated price tag. They make stuff that looks good in the closet this year, and will probably still look good next year. It’s a simple principle, but one of the most difficult to do right. Each of the pieces has a well tailored and almost sculpted fit. When it comes to creating looks, they push the envelope for the season, but also offer a cut you can keep around for a while. They are constantly sourcing sustainable materials, from organic cotton to recycled polymer based materials.

The founding Riot Crew (Nate Koach & Jason Reed) was raised in the mellow Pacific Northwest. Over the years, they migrated to Venice, CA, or as they call it, the heart of darkness. Suburban Riot’s look and feel is a result from years of influence that is both sunny hedonism, and rainy clarity - a combination of ideas. Many of these ideas contradict one another, just as the physical environments where they come from contrast those they live in now. This blend of influences is how the Suburban Riot, came to be.

Currently, Suburban Riot can be found in high end boutiques as well as department and specialty stores – these include Bloomingdales and Urban Outfitters and well over 100 retail stores throughout the US and Canada.


Bussiness: Apparel

Industry: E-Commerce, Wholesale

Locations: Los Angeles, CA

Our conversion rates, traffic and overall sales have all improved by leaps and bounds since our conversion to the Agiliron platform. 2009 year to date we’ve seen a 50% increase in web sales. - Nate Koach & Jason Reed, Owners, Suburban Riot
  • Testimonial
  • Challenges
  • Solution & Results
  • Highlighted Capabilities
  • Business Process Flow
  • Testimonial

    Prior to our relationship with Agiliron, our web sales were a mess. We couldn’t find a way to streamline our site with our store. They were always separate, and confused shoppers because it wasn’t seamless. Shoppers can now learn about our company, discover the unique elements of the Suburban Riot brand, and shop; all at the same time. Our number one goal with the website is to generate sales. Our conversion rates, traffic and overall sales have all improved by leaps and bounds since our conversion to the Agiliron platform. 2009 year to date we’ve seen a 50% increase in web sales. We’re also able to easily manage the ever changing product mix, which is essential to running an online retail store for apparel.

    When it came to technology solutions, we were a hodgepodge. The closest thing we had before was a custom cart solution developed by an independent programmer that lacked the necessary functionality. We also used Yahoo Store for a while, but couldn’t combine it with our site in a seamless manner. Neither offered us a manageable backend solution. Agiliron does.

    Our experience working with Agiliron has been great. Most importantly, we were listened to. Our major issues were addressed, and our questions were always given thoughtful consideration. We appreciate the personal touch that we’ve received from the team. We consider them crucial partners in our online business. We’re pretty streamlined now in terms of order management and fulfillment. Any time we have a major operational concern, the team is quick to reply with how best to address it and move on.

    The overall solution has been the most important. We have complete control of our product and inventory management. Since we do both retail and wholesale sales, product has to be updated almost daily; which we’re able to do easily.

    - Nate Koach & Jason Reed, Owners, Suburban Riot

  • Challenges

    Seamless Integration of Site & Store with custom links – attempts to create this using solution from Yahoo and custom cart from independent developer did not yield the desired results; shoppers were confused.

    Support for sales thru Wholesale (B2B) Store, Catalog & Direct Sales – Sales thru these various channels requires visibility - with a hodgepodge of solutions and Excel spreadsheets, it was very inefficient to take and process orders and have visibility into the state of the business at any point in time.

    Inventory Management and Control across Multiple Sales Channels – given the sales thru various channels, complete and dynamic control over product catalog and inventory is critical to be able to take and fulfill orders. Since there is sales thru retail and wholesale channels, product is updated daily.

    Promotions are a critical tool for driving apparel sales – tools like Specials, Discount Coupons, Flexible Shipping Tables for multiple geographic zones are key elements to move product; ability to manage this dynamically on previous stores has been a challenge.

    Multi-user backend solution – desktop applications and lack of multi-user access to previous stores administration interface meant that information was siloed and the business partners and staff had limited access to data necessary to do their jobs effectively.

  • Solution & Results

    Edition, Modules, Users & Roles
    • Edition: Premier Edition
    • Modules: B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, CRM, Accounting, Order Management
    • Users: Owners, Fulfillment
    Migration of Existing Solutions
    • Migration of existing custom WebStore
    • Import of product and inventory information from existing solutions
    • QuickBooks
    Challenges Addressed & Results
    • All Sales Channels Integrated
      • B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, Direct Sales
      • Auto-inventory management and synchronization across all channels
      • Centralized Order Management across all channels
      • Centralized Order Fulfillment for all channels
    • Matrix Item based Inventory & SKU Pricing Management across Channels
      • Organized by Size, Style & Color
      • Real-time access to stock & price book data
      • Regular management of Promotions (Specials, Discount Coupons)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Single customer database of customers from all channels
      • Filters for email marketing
    Impact on Business
    • Single Integrated Solution for managing all the Sales, Back-office and Front-office functions.
    • Significant cost savings in time and personnel for managing operations
    • Total visibility into business from anywhere
    Adoption & Deployment Timelines
    • Nov 2008 - went live before Thanksgiving; entire migration and deployment completed in a week
  • Highlighted Capabilities

    • Product:
      • Premier Edition
    • Multiple Sales Channels:
      • Retail WebStore: E-Commerce
      • Wholesale (B2B) Webstore: Retailers
      • Direct Sales: Phone/Fax Orders
    • Inventory:
      • Matrix Item Products: Tracked by Size, Style, Color
    • QuickBooks Integration
  • Business Process Flow

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