Wagner Skis

Customer Success Story

Wagner Custom is a small, US design and manufacturing firm that creates world renowned, custom-fit, tailor-made skis and snowboards. The company was founded in 2006, in an ultra-modern, solar and wind powered shop just outside of Telluride, Colorado. Each month, Wagner Custom builds just a few batches of the world's finest skis, each pair uniquely designed and precision crafted for a specific customer. Wagner Custom helps people ski better and have more fun skiing by making sure each customer is on his or her optimal equipment.

Before using Agiliron, Wagner Custom had separate software tools for ecommerce, production management, order fulfillment, inventory, and CRM. We had to manage several databases with overlapping information. The processes were inefficient, prone to error, and limited their ability to grow.

They needed to switch to an integrated business enterprise package that could aggregate data, simplify their processes, and make reporting easier. Being a small company, they found Netsuite to be cost prohibitive. Agiliron enabled Wagner to integrate their CRM, inventory, ecommerce, production management, and order fulfillment into one system. Plus, it works with QuickBooks which they were already using.

As CEO of Wagner Skis Pete Wagner puts it "We've found the Agiliron system to be a very powerful tool for our business. It has improved our team's ability to communicate with each other and with our customers, it has simplified our production management and order fulfillment process, and it has given us a platform that will enable our company to grow in a well-organized, efficient manner."


Business: Sports Equipement

Industry: Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Direct Sales

Locations: Placerville, CO

"We've found Agiliron to be powerful. It has improved our ability to communicate with customers, simplified production and order fulfillment, and will enable growth in a well-organized, efficient manner. "

- Pete Wagner, CEO, Wagner Skis

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