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Business Story & Description

Wicked Quick, founded in 2003, is a premium clothing and accessories (T-shirts, thermals, hoodies and polo shirts for adults and children) brand rooted in the world of speed, rebellion and attitude. The founder, Tarran Pitschka, was born in Minnesota and has a Bachelor's degree from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. He designed the 25th anniversary logo for the Minnesota Twins while in college, opened a design studio in Minneapolis after graduation and was the Graphic Arts Director for Generra Sportswear in Seattle, a Senior Designer for Nike, and VP of Product Development for No Fear Inc. in Carlsbad, Calif.

The idea for Tarran Pitschka¹s clothing line came to him as he stood between two funny cars at the starting line of the Pomona, California Speedway. "It was pure exhilaration. There were 80,000 screaming fans, and the cars were extremely loud, I thought my teeth would rattle out of my head" he says. "That's when it hit me: I needed to create a clothing brand based on humans fascination with speed."

Wicked Quick has seen rapid growth. They currently offer lifestyle products at Nordstrom, Metropark, Von Maur, the Buckle, select Harley Davidson Dealership's, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) among others and has shown up on the backs of stars such as John Cusack. They also produce performance gear for professional teams including three-time NASCAR champion team Joe Gibbs Racing.

Pitschka predicts the American-made brand will continue to grow and expand with the introduction of watches, sunglasses, motorcycle gear and a Wicked Quick energy drink.


Bussiness: Apparel

Industry: E-Commerce, Wholesale

Locations: Portland, OR

Our Internet sales continue to increase, we saw a 30% increase in our first month after going live. - Tarran Pitschka, CEO, Wicked Quick
  • Testimonial
  • Challenges
  • Solution & Results
  • Highlighted Capabilities
  • Business Process Flow
  • Testimonial

    Prior to Agiliron, we had our own internally built and managed solution. However, it required quite a bit of manual work every time we wanted to add or change a product and did not allow for any special features such as discount codes. Also, we needed a system that would allow us to sell on-hand inventory we had and not require us to manually address the backend when a size or style sold out. Agiliron's solution is automated and keeps track of the inventory as it is sold. It also creates a customer database for us as we make sales, something we did not have an easy way to do in the past.

    We needed something that was relatively straight forward and had real people behind it to help make adjustments when necessary. So a pure “out-of-the-box” solution was not for us nor was continuing with a purely custom set-up. What we liked about Agiliron is it had all the features but was not custom requiring heavy lifting every time we needed to update anything.

    Our Internet sales have continued to increase and we saw a 30% increase in our first month after going live. The ability to add products quickly and remove items has allowed us to keep the commerce side of our website fresh. Getting new products up on the web more quickly generates sales. In addition, the relative simplicity of managing the backend and updating the site saves us time which in a small company is incredibly valuable.

    Great tool, easy to use, creates a positive commerce experience for the consumer and a great team to work with at Agiliron. The team was very responsive and did everything we needed done. Their responsiveness kept us on the ball and moving the project forward. After a few challenges early on as expected, everything is moving along quite smoothly.

    - Tarran Pitschka, CEO, Wicked Quick Industries

  • Challenges

    Product Catalog and Inventory Management – Prior to Agiliron, the solution was an internally built and managed solution. However, it required quite a bit of manual work every time to add or change a product. Also, the management of inventory was cumbersome - manual tracking of items on-hand, adjustment of catalog every time a size/style sold out.

    Promotions are a critical tool for driving apparel sales – tools like Specials, Discount Coupons, Flexible Shipping Tables for multiple geographic zones are key elements; ability to manage this dynamically on previous store was been a challenge.

    Support for sales thru Consumer WebStore, Wholesale (B2B) Store, Catalog & Direct Sales – Sales thru these various channels requires visibility - it was very inefficient to take and process orders and have visibility into the state of the business at any point in time.

    Multi-user backend solution – previous custom solution required getting developer involved everytime a product needed to be changed, now any one in the company with access can make the necessary changes easily.

  • Solution & Results

    Edition, Modules, Users & Roles
    • Edition: Premier Edition
    • Modules: B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, CRM, Order Management
    • Users: CEO, COO, Product Manager, Designer
    Migration of Existing Solutions
    • Migration of Product Catalog, Images and Inventory data from existing solutions
    Challenges Addressed & Results
    • Matrix Item based Inventory & SKU Pricing Management across Channels
      • Organized by Size, Style & Color
      • Real-time access to Stock & Price Book data
      • Easy and daily management of Promotions (Specials, Discount Coupons)
    • All Sales Channels Integrated
      • B2C WebStore, B2B WebStore, Direct Sales
      • Auto-inventory management and synchronization across all channels
      • Centralized Order Management across all channels
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Single customer database of customers from all channels
    Impact on Business
    • 30% increase in online orders in first month after going live
    • Single Integrated Solution for managing all the Sales, Back-office and Front-office functions.
    • Significant cost savings in time and personnel for managing daily operations
    • Total visibility into business from anywhere
    Adoption & Deployment Timelines
    • September 2009 - went live; entire migration and deployment completed in a month
  • Highlighted Capabilities

    • Product:
      • Premier Edition
    • Multiple Sales Channels:
      • Retail WebStore: E-Commerce
      • Wholesale (B2B) Webstore: Retailers
      • Direct Sales: Phone/Fax Orders
    • Inventory:
      • Matrix Item Products: Tracked by Size, Style, Color
    • QuickBooks Integration
  • Business Process Flow

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