• Support & Maintenance Policy

    The AGILIRON Support policy specific to the product edition subscribed to by the customer is set forth in the Order Form or through the AGILIRON Online Order Center during the ordering process. AGILIRON reserves the right to establish or modify its general practices and limits relating to support.

    AGILIRON conducts maintenance and upgrades during scheduled times. The scheduled time for maintenance and upgrades is Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm-3am PST/PDT. AGILIRON does not perform these upgrades on the second and fourth weekends on each month.

    AGILIRON reserves the right on approximately a quarterly basis to issue major new releases in which AGILIRON adds functionality to the Service. Customer acknowledges that these periodic major releases can take several hours to complete.

    In the event that AGILIRON in its sole discretion determines that any unscheduled maintenance is necessary, AGILIRON will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify the Customer.