• Mature Business

    • Current revenue sources leveling off?
    • Looking for a B2B or B2C WebStore to launch or expand our online business?
    • Looking for a Retail POS solution that can grow with your business?
    • Need a solution for Sales Rep to have product and inventory visibility?
    • Lacking expertise in selling thru online marketplaces?
    • Overwhelmed by piecemeal solutions and uninformed decisions?
    • Want to offer the customer buying experience of bigger competitors?
    • Lacking the technology infrastructure to support your next stage of growth?

    AGILIRON can help - Please Contacts Us to explore ways to support your immediate business needs, streamlining your business processes while opening up new possibilities for future revenue growth.

    The business landscape is dynamic, competitive and rapidly evolving; for growing businesses this means adapting and responding quickly and finding new ways to experiment easily with unchartered waters and new sales channels while streamlining business process to manage growth effectively.

    For most businesses keeping up with new business trends and changes can be a challenge; you want your products to be in front of customers wherever they shop but the infrastructure and the wherewithal to do that do not come easy or cheap -

    • Developing the expertise to take advantage of the new marketplaces or trends
    • Managing manual processes to interface to them
    • Handling the complexity around merchandising, inventory and pricing
    • Streamlining orders, customers, sales cycles, support and vendors

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite with a hosted Software As A Service delivery model is squarely aimed at addressing the pain points, eliminating these barriers to entry and growth and helping growing businesses compete effectively and succeed in the face of changing business environment.

    The different Product Editions bring together combinations of capabilities at appropriate price points to meet the technology needs and pricing flexibility of businesses in different stages of growth from inception to maturity. Businesses can begin with any of the product editions and upgrade to a more advanced edition of the product over time as the goals and needs of the business dictate.

  • Benefits

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite delivers seamless management of multiple sales channels while integrating the Back-Office and Front-Office functions to streamline operations. It brings a unique set of capabilities under one umbrella delivering unparalleled value to growing businesses.

    • AGILIRON solutions provides the right combination of features and price that makes it easy to get started with no additional hardware or software licenses!
    • Retain your solution investments and employee knowledge in existing infrastructure - AGILIRON integrates with popular e-Commerce shopping carts (osCommerce), Accounting solutions (QuickBooks) and online marketplaces (eBay)
    • Experimentation with potential new revenue opportunities and sales channels is a snap
    • Jump on new opportunities quickly - implementing a new business strategy does not have to be expensive, time consuming and resource intensive; AGILIRON solutions can adapt to your needs leveraging your existing investments in time and money
    • Freedom and flexibility - the new norm for product businesses; one business platform for your entire business

    The sales channels could include

    • One or more Fully integrated B2B or B2C AGILIRON Web Store(s) hosted by AGILIRON
    • One or more B2B or B2C osCommerce or other Web Store(s) hosted by your solution provider
    • Online marketplaces like eBay...the supported marketplaces will expand in the future
    • Retail POS - one or more stores and checkout lanes
    • Direct or Catalog Sales - sales thru outbound sales or inbound customer calls based on print or online product catalogs

    AGILIRON facilitates the unified management of these channels that the business participates in by providing capabilities for:

    • Product Merchandising - Choose which products to sell thru which channel and the product profiles ...upload the pictures, inventory, descriptions only once
    • Price Books - Select the appropriate pricing for the channel - sale or auction formats (depending on the supported formats in the respective channel); take advantage of channel specific options
    • Order Management - Transactions from all channels are captured in real time - Orders, Customers
    • Back-Office and Front-Office operations - order management, payment, fullfillment, customer support and accounting processes
    • Channel Management - Define, configure and manage all your E-Commerce sales channels thru a single integrated interface and auto-sync products, pricing and inventory information from the Back-Office
    • Store Management - Define, configure and manage all your retail stores thru a single integrated interface and auto-sync products, pricing and inventory information from the Back-Office

    Offer a consistent branded buying experience to your customers across all sales channels - Addition or experimentation of new sales channels and reaching new customer marketplaces has never been easier!

  • Capabilities

    The AGILIRON Business Management Solution Suite is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of product-based B2B and B2C businesses - Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers and related businesses are examples of types of business categories that can take full advantage of the broad set of capabilities and the unique value proposition that the AGILIRON solution brings to the marketplace.

    To learn more about how AGILIRON can help your business, please explore the Industry targeted links below.