• Service Level Agreement

    AGILIRON conducts maintenance and upgrades during scheduled times. The scheduled time for maintenance and upgrades is set forth in the AGILIRON Support and Maintenance Policy available at the AGILIRON website.

    Outside of this scheduled time and any downtime caused by any causes outside AGILIRON's reasonable control, including internet outage and a major outage of a public communications carrier, AGILIRON Inc. guarantees 99.5% uptime for the Professional, Premier and Enterprise Editions (but excluding the free trials of each Edition). If by the tenth of the following calendar month, you inform AGILIRON that these uptime commitments are not met within such month, AGILIRON shall credit the Customer of the Professional, Premier & Enterprise Editions with one month of Service fees.

    AGILIRON reserves the right on approximately a quarterly basis to issue major new releases in which AGILIRON adds functionality to the Service. Customer acknowledges that these periodic major releases can take several hours to complete.

    In the event that AGILIRON in its sole discretion determines that any unscheduled maintenance is necessary, AGILIRON will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify the Customer.