• Agiliron ERP Overview

    Integrated Business ERP Software Application

    The Agiliron ERP software application helps to improve operational efficiency and productivity of Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers and related businesses.

    The AGILIRON Integrated ERP Software Application is targeted at and designed for a growing business addressing the most common pain points experienced during this stage:

    • Inability to grow sales without the right technology infrastructure
    • Piecemeal Solutions leading to a solution mishmash, silos of information
    • Lack of business visibility across all business sales channels
    • Manual processes with duplication of effort and consumption of valuable resources
    • Cost of multiple solutions acquisition, business customization, deployment, training and ongoing maintenance

    The AGILIRON ERP Software Application deliver seamless management of all business sales channels while integrating Back-Office and Front-Office functions to streamline operations. The modules are primarily aimed at meeting the needs of product-based businesses - Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers and related businesses are examples of types of business categories that can take full advantage of the broad set of capabilities and the unique value proposition that the AGILIRON solution brings to the marketplace.

    ERP Software Application Capabilities

    AGILIRON Product Modules

    ERP Software Application Benefits

    • Affordable ERP Software Application targeted and designed for growing businesses. The solution is delivered as a hosted Software As A Service model using a subscription based pricing model. Starting at Free, we offer a low entry point and ongoing operating costs to deploy enterprise class capabilities for your business with little or no investment in additional hardware or licensed software. Please see Software As A Service for details on the delivery model and the benefits that is delivers to you and your business.
    • Integrated One Stop Shop...the only ERP Software Application you will need for streamlining your sales activities and managing your business operations...does not require expensive piecemeal solutions and risky software integration projects. AGILIRON interoperates with popular applications (Intuit QuickBooks®, Microsoft Office®) and payment (Authorize.net®, PayPal® etc.) vendors to facilitate the necessary business processes and allows you to retain and leverage your investments in these business solutions.
    • Grow your top line revenues by adding new sales channels...the ability to experiment with new sales channels has never been easier...with a few clicks place your products in front of audiences in new marketplaces or add a new webstore targeted at a different demographic or other niche opportunities. The infrastructure to support these efforts is yours for the taking.
    • One integrated 360 view of the business...regardless of the number of sales channels, stores or stock locations...Customers, Products, Suppliers, Orders all in one system...no more islands of data and cumbersome manual processes to make sense of the pockets of information. Ring in cost savings by improving your administration, operations and business processes.
    • Modular Building Blocks - pay and use what you need (different product editions available to support your immediate needs)...as your needs change add additional modules, upgrade to a more sophisticated edition of the product or add additional employees as you bring them into the business.
    • Dedicated Database for your business data...this combined with latest technologies in secure communications, storage and role based security built into the system ensure a highly secure computing, access and data transfer environment for your business information.

    Software As A Service - Secure Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Powered by Amazon Web Services

    • Run your business from anywhere...Connect to the Web - Sign in and Go! All you need is an internet connection and a Web Browser...you could be at a remote business location, trade-show, on the road for business or on personal time...no matter where you are, you can rest assured that you are only a few clicks away from access to realtime information regarding the current state of your business.
    • Agiliron ERP Software Application Scales with your Business, Add Users on the fly. You can sign-up for the service with one or more users (mapping to their specific roles and functions within the business) that are currently operating the business. As your business grows and you add employees, you can add users into the system by providing them individual accounts thru the administration capabilities within the tool. The customer only pays for what they need at any point in time while preserving complete flexibility to add, change or delete users as required adapting to the changing needs of the business.
    • Low start up & operating costs. The service is delivered on a low-cost per user subscription model - What this means for customers is a low entry point to begin using the system for their business without a large upfront acquisition cost for a license fee based software product. In addition, the hardware cost of deploying this system for a multi-user business is small compared to the traditional client-server model that would require acquisition of a server and a sophisticated intranet connecting all the systems along with the ongoing maintenance and administration of the IT infrastructure.
    • No data protection and backup worries. AGILIRON takes care of running your channels and business operations on redundant failover systems with regular backups of your business database (see our Service Level Agreement for specific terms of service) so you no longer have to worry about hard disk crashes or computer failures. You are leveraging a world class IT infrastructure to run your business...all our servers run on the Amazon Web ServicesTM cloud computing infrastructure.
    • No software patches or upgrades. With a hosted solution, the software upgrades and patches are performed on our servers (you will be notified before major upgrades) and the next time you login you are automatically using the new version. There are no software installation hassles and headaches keeping up with the latest versions and associated data migration on your end...just login and use the system and let us handle the IT infrastructure. You and all your employees are always using the latest version of the product!