• Overview

    In today's competitive environment, it is imperative for businesses to continually think of ways to increase top line revenue while reducing operational costs and administrative overhead.

    Solid technology solutions are the cornerstone to achieving these objectives. End-to-end solutions that larger enterprises use to compete are not available as an integrated package and require significant dollars for licenses and hardware.

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Software Applications Suite is squarely aimed at solving this dilemma. The solution is targeted at addressing the most common pain points experienced by businesses:

    • Inability to grow sales without the right technology infrastructure
    • Piecemeal Solutions leading to a solution mishmash, silos of information
    • Lack of business visibility across all business sales channels
    • Manual processes with duplication of effort and consumption of resources
    • Cost of multiple solutions acquisition, business customization & training

    The AGILIRON Product Capabilities deliver seamless management of all business sales channels while integrating Back-Office and Front-Office functions to streamline operations.

  • For Industry

    The AGILIRON Business Software Applications Suite is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of product-based B2B and B2C businesses - Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce, Distribution, Resellers and related businesses are examples of types of business categories that can take full advantage of the broad set of capabilities and the unique value proposition that the AGILIRON solution brings to the marketplace.

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  • For Business Page

    The different Product Editions of the AGILIRON Business Software Applications Suite bring together combinations of capabilities at appropriate price points to meet the technology needs and pricing flexibility of businesses in different stages of growth from inception to maturity. Businesses can begin with any of the product editions and upgrade to a more advanced edition of the product over time as the goals and needs of the business dictate.

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