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Testimonials & Case Studies

Consistently rated the highest by users with a 5-star rating

  • Harris Mustang

    We searched for a long time for a software system that had everything we needed. Agiliron had everything we needed plus more options that we look forward to utilizing in the future. Everyone has been so helpful in integration and training on how to use the software.

    Elizabeth Carter,
    Manager, Harris Mustang Read More arrow
  • Amerisun

    Agiliron has helped our business grow dramatically, and consolidate our operations across many different vendors and sales channels. From regular eCommerce shipments, to vendor fulfillment, wholesalers, and even 3PLs we can keep all our orders and inventory data in one place which lets us manage many different relationships with comparatively small staff. The complexity of what Agiliron can do is generally intimidating to new staff and it can take a while to get them acquainted with the system, but once they understand it runs very efficiently and their customer service is very responsive when issues or questions arise.

    Matthew Hungerford,
    Systems Manager, Amerisun Read More arrow
  • Lumenstar Led Lighting

    Agiliron is a robust software that has helped our business streamline it's processes. The integration with 3rd party apps is helpful and has allowed our team to stay focused on what matters, growing our business. The support team at Agiliron is exceptional with fast responses and helpful implementations. I would highly recommend this software to get your business to the next level.

    Lucas Fransen,
    Business Development, Lumenstar Led Lighting Read More arrow
  • Bella Bridesmaid Franchise Group

    The Agiliron solution will allow franchisees to operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably, leaving more time to work with clients, focus on customer service and grow the business. We chose Agiliron for its customizability and adaptability to support our complete business process - from the Bride's first appointment to Bridesmaid online ordering to auto generation of POs for Designers to automation of notifications to integration with QuickBooks.

    Erin & Kathleen Casey,
    Owners, Bella Bridesmaid Franchise Group Read More arrow
  • Protective Enclosures Company

    The Agiliron system has allowed us to properly manage our sales and ordering processes as we have grown from $750K to over $2 million in sales over the last two years. We are now using Agiliron to manage 6 channels of sales - 2 BigCommerce B2C sites, 1 Agiliron B2B site, eBay, Amazon and our Direct Sales Channel. We looked at several other ERP and CRM programs over a 6 month period including SAP Business One and decided to move forward with Agiliron because it had all the tools and processes we needed and it integrated with QuickBooks and Big Commerce. The price for the product was very attractive and it’s cloud based system allows us to be connected from anywhere which is something we wanted as well.

    Jarad King
    President, Protective Enclosures Company Read More arrow
  • West Coast Associates

    While we continue to develop our online business, we are still primarily a wholesale building materials speciality supplier. The basic functions common to all brick and mortar speciality product wholesalers is really robust and often overlooked. Essentially we can perform all sales, quotes, CRM and inventory functions in one simple system with one login. It really doesn’t matter if we are in the office or out, this web based SaaS lets all of our staff perform all of these functions with equal ability on a desktop in the office or an iPad in the field. We can do more, with less and appear a lot more knowledgeable to our customers.

    Albert Rooks
    CEO, West Coast Associates Read More arrow
  • Wicked Quick Industries

    Our Internet sales have continued to increase and we saw a 30% increase in our first month after going live. The ability to add products quickly and remove items has allowed us to keep the commerce side of our website fresh. Getting new products up on the web more quickly generates sales. In addition, the relative simplicity of managing the backend and updating the site saves us time which in a small company is incredibly valuable.

    Tarran Pitschka,
    CEO, Wicked Quick Industries Read More arrow
  • Wagner Skis

    Before using Agiliron, Wagner Custom had separate software tools for ecommerce, production management, order fulfillment, inventory, and CRM. We had to manage several databases with overlapping information. Our processes were inefficient, prone to error, and limiting our ability to grow. We wanted to switch to an integrated business enterprise package that could aggregate our data, simplify our processes, and make reporting easier. Being a small company, we found Netsuite to be cost prohibitive. Agiliron made sense for us because it enables us to integrate our CRM, inventory, ecommerce, production management, and order fulfillment into one system. Plus, it works with QuickBooks which we were already using.

    Pete Wagner,
    CEO, Wagner Skis Read More arrow
  • Suburban Riot

    Sales have increased, and the overall efficiency of the site has improved. These are key to our success, especially as orders increase and fulfillment becomes a major hurdle. The overall solution has been the most important. We have complete control of product and inventory management. Since we do both retail and wholesale, product has to be updated daily; which we are able to do easily.

    Nate Koach & Jason Reed,
    Owners, Suburban Riot Read More arrow
  • Mooloolaba

    The biggest value Agiliron brought to our business is delivering a solid technology platform that can allow us to expand our business without worrying about the infrastructure to manage it, now all the employees have access to the information they need anywhere, anytime. This combined with their incredible customer support helped us achieve a successful on line solution!

    Jen Ryan,
    CEO, Mooloolaba Read More arrow
  • Optikrock

    Optikrock needed a way to track inventory no matter we were selling it. Agiliron back office was the first one I found which managed inventory across popular ecommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon and Shopping carts. It also integrated with QuickBooks, keeps customer and vendor lists, purchase and sales histories, incorporated multiple pricing scenarios and much more.

    Mike Farrace,
    Owner, Optikrock Read More arrow
  • Assouline

    "Not every system can handle multiple currencies but Agiliron can, The reporting module is really impressive"

    Shelley Wollert,
    Owner, Assouline Read More arrow
  • Daniel Smith Artists Materials

    "We've reduced our customer wait time at checkout by 75%, I no longer have to worry about the POS going down like when we had a locally hosted POS."

    Jaren Balzer,
    CIO, Daniel Smith Artists Materials Read More arrow
  • Stumpy's Hatchet House

    "Agiliron has enabled us to streamline our whole sales and order management process"

    Stuart Josberger,
    CIO, Stumpy's Hatchet House Read More arrow
  • Innowave Marketing

    "Using the Agiliron system is not complicated, Agiliron is a great solution and their support is fantastic!"

    Janet Skeens,
    Chief Operations Officer, Innowave Marketing Read More arrow
  • Versa Technology

    "Agiliron has helped our business operation become more efficient. With a single platform to manage all orders, we saved time by no longer having to enter every online or Amazon order manually."

    Allison Teague,
    Versa Technology Read More arrow
  • Acceltex Solutions

    "A great tool for managing our inventory. I've recommended Agiliron to several other people."

    Carter Burke,
    CEO, Acceltex Solutions Read More arrow
  • Physicians Technology

    "It was very easy for me to pick up the software and use it from day 1. Agiliron is very flexible and easy to implement."

    Ken Fiema,
    Controller, Physicians Technology Read More arrow
  • Avaun Tire Supply

    "For the features you get, it's a very cost effective solution. The Agiliron inventory management system has been very good."

    Freddie Capshaw,
    COO, Avaun Tire Supply Read More arrow
  • Pegasus Lighting

    "With Agiliron I now spend less money, I don't have bugs and it just works. The support is fantastic and they respond quickly"

    Chris Johnson,
    CEO, Pegasus Lighting Read More arrow
  • Kreepsville666

    "Agiliron has become a great solution allowing us to integrate Online Webstores & Amazon orders from the Inventory side to Shipping side. We also have a POS system through Agiliron that is directly linked to our Inventory and Order management."

    Michelle Ghoulmore,
    CEO, Kreepsville666 Read More arrow
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